Saturday, June 12, 2010

The most relaxing piano album...

2 days ago i bought a called >"The Most Relaxing Piano Album In The world By Silvard"..ok, i know that the title sound a little bit exaggerating is relaxing..i keep on listening to it at d office and it make me forget all the stress that keep bulging in me..(and it succeed in making my friend snored..hehe)
among the pieces are, Ballade pour adeline by Senneville, Heartfelt by Kool, Pacehelbel's canon in d, variations (canon in d has always be my favorite piece but honestly, i'm a little bit dissapointed with this doesn't mean its not just me ok)..
it also has theme from >"the Godfather" by Rota..and i have to admit that Speak Softly Love is a very beautiful piece..
other is such as Irish Sailer, Honshu Sunrise, Mozartasia all by Kool..
i like most of the music but i have to admit that Postcard from Cape cod and Nantucket sound capture my attention the most..
this album is made exclusively for Speedy..and that's where i 1st listen to it..i was there when they play this album and i just cannot get out of the store..and after 3 song, i decided that i need to have this album..and i wont regret it..